3rd International Conference on Urban Studies

"Sustainable Urbanism and Local Governance"

Invitation Letter

Today, the phenomenon of sustainability emerges as a social, economic, environmental and multidimensional global paradigm. 

The notions’, “sustainable urbanism” and “urban sustainability”, being discussed frequently in both international and national platforms, gradually raises the social, economical and environmental responsibilities. Also lays a very important burden on the all stakeholders of the city from local governments to non-governmental organizations. 

It’s been especially expected from an ideal local government to have responsibilities such as establishing important policies and promoting these as well as supporting,  practicing, observing, monitoring, evaluating and establishing in collaboration. 

In today’s world where the notions like “sustainable urbanism” and “smart urban” came to the fore, local governments, which pay regard to the wishes of the citizens, integrate with them, identify the prior problems of the city and develop rational solutions, provide speed and transparency in information access, are required for more viable, more accessible, safer, better environment and social life. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that transparent, participatory, continuously productive local governments’ outshining is a condition of good management. 

The goal is to contribute to the urban of the future by covering discussions around the main theme in the 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF URBAN STUDIES.


  Themes of the Conference

·          Urban sustainability and local managements

·          Sustainable participation and management

·          Sustainability and innovativeness

·          Sustainable urban planning

·          Legal and managerial aspects of sustainability in planning

·          Sustainable architecture

·          Sustainable landscape planning

·          Sustainable urban transformation

·          Sustainable conservation of historic places

·          Sustainability and smart urban

·          Smart and green technologies in planning

·          Sustainability and urban development

·          Sustainability and rural development

·          Sustainability in metropolitan areas

·          Urban and environmental rights

·          Social and cultural sustainability

·          Measurability for sustainable urbanism

·          Smart Buildings and sustainable environment design

·          Sustainable transportation and logistics

·          Sustainability in urban transportation and public transport

·          Sustainable energy use and management in urban

·          Solid waste management

·          Sustainable technical infrastructure planning

·          Green Economy and urban sustainability

·          Information technology and sustainability

·         Environmental impact management and smart site selection