3rd International Conference on Urban Studies

"Sustainable Urbanism and Local Governance"

Themes of the conference

· Urban sustainability and local managements

· Sustainable participation and management

· Sustainability and innovativeness

· Sustainable urban planning

· Legal and managerial aspects of sustainability in planning

· Sustainable architecture

· Sustainable landscape planning

· Sustainable urban transformation

· Sustainable conservation of historic places

· Sustainability and smart urban

· Smart and green technologies in planning

· Sustainability and urban development

· Sustainability and rural development

· Sustainability in metropolitan areas

· Urban and environmental rights

· Social and cultural sustainability

· Measurability for sustainable urbanism

· Smart Buildings and sustainable environment design

· Sustainable transportation and logistics

·  Sustainability in urban transportation and public transport

·  Sustainable energy use and management in urban

·  Solid waste management

· Sustainable technical infrastructure planning

· Green Economy and urban sustainability

·  Information technology and sustainability

·  Environmental impact management and smart site selection